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Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky - I started reading this book last summer, but it was due back at the library before I had the chance to really get into the story. Then, I read Hannah @ So Obssessed With's review, and knew that I had to give this book a second shot.The world building is confusing at the beginning. With so many other dystopian-type fiction, we're thrust into a world that's quite different from our own, but the author describes and explains things as the story unfolds. With Under the Never Sky, we're dropped into this world, and things start happening, without that explanation stage. It was a little disconcerting at the beginning, but the world did start to make sense as I read further into the book. For anyone who hasn't yet read this book, I think this is a really helpful thing to know before you start reading -- otherwise, I definitely would have given up much, much earlier.Once you're in the world, you are IN. The story unfolds so perfectly as Aria takes off on her adventure and meets Peregrine, or Perry. I absolutely LOVED the connection between the two of them. It's so perfect and fitting. When I heard about Roar, I was excited to meet his character, but also a little apprehensive that this was going to be the infamous love triangle. I was relieved that Roar's in love with someone else, so I could just enjoy the wittiness that his character brought to the story, without the love triangle confusion.The story in the book is great and has the perfect amount of suspense. I like that the story wrapped up at the end, but still left me wanting to read the second installment. Unfortunately, it's still on order at my library, so I might be waiting a while! I'm definitely planning to continue reading this series, and I'm super excited for the next one, since I've heard it's even better than the first book!Review also posted at: http://bit.ly/XRUrpk