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Where We Belong

Where We Belong - Emily Giffin I started reading this book, and wasn't enjoying the storyline as much as I had hoped I would. I had attributed it to my reading slump (I must have picked up and put down three or four books in the past week), but then worried that, if I couldn't get into a chick lit book, what could possibly inspire me to read?!? Then, I heard about the scandal erupting online, with the author, her husband, her assistant, and a few brave reviewers who dared to be honest about their opinions on the book. (Seriously, isn't that what reviewing is supposed to be about anyways? Sometimes we like a book, sometimes we don't, but each of us is completely entitled to express an opinion about what we've read). So, I decided to give up on the book and try something else. And the next book that I picked up immediately grabbed my attention (Under the Never Sky) and I haven't been able to put it down since then!P.S. If you've missed all the drama, check out Corey Ann's website, who was in the middle of all of it: http://coreyann.me/?p=141. Can we just go back to a time when we could all play nicely in the sandbox together?