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Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - You know how they always add new words to the dictionary, so words like the verb "to Google" become actual real words, rather than just slang? Well, I think they should also add "second book syndrome" to the next revision of the dictionary. This would encompass all those books where the first book blew your mind, but then the second book just ... failed to live up the wonder that was the first book.Through the Ever Night is NOT one of those books. I have been disappointed by many a follow-up book, but Through the Ever Night was actually BETTER than the first book in the series, leaving me even MORE excited for Into the Still Blue.If you read my review of Under the Never Sky, I had a hard time getting into the book. So much that I had DNFed it, until some blogging friends convinced me to give it a second shot. Once I was immersed in the world, I sped through the pages of both books with no problem. The more that I read of Veronica Rossi's work, the more impressed I am that she can just throw the reader into this dystopian world with no explanation, and somehow it just WORKS. Even though I still don't fully understand the Aether, I just trust that there's further explanation coming and I am fully content to just let the story unwind as it should.I was watching Tea Time with Epic Reads a couple of weeks ago, and it sounds like Into the Still Blue is finished, which will hopefully mean there may be an ARC out there one of these days? I, for one, cannot WAIT to see how the end of this trilogy unfolds.